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The Body Shop Strawberry Shampoo and Conditioner Review

For many years now I have been searching for hair care products that compliment my hair and leaves it looking healthy and rejuvenated. I have found with hair products that I have used previously, that they do not give me the clean and fresh feeling I am looking for. However, one of my friends has recently become an at-home Body Shop consultant and recommended me the shampoo and conditioner from their strawberry range. I was quite reluctant at first as I was used to paying a cheaper price for my hair care and was worried it might not work well. This thankfully was the not the case and I think I’ve found products that help to fulfil my hair care goals.

A little bit about The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a company that began in Britain in 1976. Since then they have progressed massively and now have suppliers in over 20 different countries! One thing that stood out to me about The Body Shop is that they are always seeking to include the rawest ingredients for their products, which in return is beneficial for local communities that they are sourced from. They are also against animal testing which has been a huge campaign for them since 1989. After helping to ban this within the UK they are reaching out further afield and are making a stand in other countries across the world.

I was particularly looking for hair care products from the brand as I had heard good reviews about them and wanted to try them for myself. They have a range of differing shampoo’s and conditions suited for different hair types that come in a variety of flavours including Banana, Ginger and Shea Butter. As my hair can sometimes feel quite dull, I decided to choose form their strawberry range. Here is what I thought…


The Strawberry Clearly Glossing Shampoo:


The packaging of the product is beautiful and a nice size that can be easily transported if you were to travel with them. This shampoo smells incredible, the strawberry scent lasts for a long while after washing and drying your hair, which is something I love as it is such a fresh fragrance. I only used a pea-sized amount of product and was able to thoroughly wash my thick hair, which is beneficial as the price is a little more than I would usually pay for shampoo. It is 100% a vegan formula that helps to rejuvenate your hair if it can look quite dull, making it appear soft and shiny. I also found that this product made my hair easier to detangle after it dried and left it looking and feeling healthy and nourished for multiple days.


The Strawberry Clearly Glossing Conditioner:

I enjoy trying and testing different conditioners as I love the effect they have on my hair. I needed to try the Body Shop’s strawberry conditioner as it stated to make dull hair appear healthier and smoother, which is something it definitely does. I applied the product from the middle of my hair to the ends and left it to work its magic for around 3-5 minutes and thoroughly rinsed it out. The smell lasted an incredible amount of time which I was surprised with as other scented conditioners I have tried do not have this effect. My hair felt so much healthier, softer and far easier to detangle as it has a vegetarian formula that helps to create this effect.



Overall, I had a very positive experience of trying my first Body Shop hair products. They both smell incredible and definitely help to rejuvenate and nourish dull hair. I love the fact the products are vegan and vegetarian and they make your hair appear healthier looking after one use. They are a brand I will repurchase from as I have loved using these hair care products and I look forward to reviewing more in the future.

Emily Victoria x

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