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Testing and reviewing beauty products is one of my favourite things to do as I love finding new must-haves that work really well for my skin. When Bali Body reached out to me, I was so excited to try some of their products as they are a well-known brand that many people love. They kindly sent me a lot of products from their beauty range for me to try and test over a period of time. First of all, I am obsessed with their packaging, it is right up my street and is so aesthetically pleasing. Their pricings are a little more on the expensive side compared to others on the market but when I tell you they are worth every penny… I mean it!!!

Self-tan remover (£18.95):

MY NEW BEAUTY ESSENTIAL. I have tried and tested a few self-tan removers before and I have had mixed results from them. Some have removed tan but have needed a bit too much scrubbing for my liking and some just haven’t made any difference to the tan. I was so shocked when I used this product for the first time, I applied it to my body (a generous amount) and let it sit for around 10 minutes, it is recommended for a shorter time but I found leaving it on longer has the best results. I then gentle used the Bali Body mitt to remove the tan. It melted off my skin and only needed a little bit of pressure on my knees and elbows where tan likes to stick. The scent is also not overpowering and is in no way unpleasant. My skin felt really smooth, soft and hydrated after applying the remover and was ready for a fresh layer of fake tan.

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Self-Tanning Mousse (£25.95):

I apply this product using the Bali Body tanning mitt and it makes my skin look glowy and sun-kissed. It is not streaky or patchy and can be really nicely applied with the mitt as it can be evenly distributed. It contains nourishing oils that leave skin feeling smooth, hydrated and soft. I love this tan for an all-year-round bronzy glow which is especially great for us in the UK who barely get to see the sun and may want a glow regardless of the weather. I also found that it doesn’t really transfer onto clothes which I found to be a real negative with other tans. It is a bit pricier than others (£25.95) but is so worth it!

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Gradual tan (£21.95):

This is my summer essential. Gradual tan is something I love to apply daily as I like to have a natural and sun-kissed glow, especially throughout the summer months. I think people can sometimes associate tanning products with a biscuit scent but this one is different, I am in no way great at describing scents but it definitely has a unique smell which personally does not bother me. It is really easy to apply and again I use the Bali Body tanning mitt to do so. Its streak-free and really does create that flawless appearance.

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Luxe moisturising lotion (£16.95):

This product has my favourite packing out of their beauty range as it is just so aesthetically pleasing to me! It easily absorbs into the skin and doesn’t feel tacky at all. The key ingredients are Vitamin E, shea butter and aloe Vera to provide hydration to the skin and it also helps to firm and repair it. It is a great product for all skin types and is perfect for travel as the shape of the bottle would be perfect to slot inside a bag, without taking up too much space.

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BB cream (£25.95):

A makeup favourite of mine. This is one of my new base makeup essentials and I have been wearing this a lot of the time. I have mine in the lightest shade and I do sometimes think it could be a little dark for my complexion but looks great when I’ve applied a bit of fake tan. It makes my skin look so glowy and hydrated but I have found that if I leave it on for a while my skin does look a bit oily (however, I do have combination skin so that is also a factor as to why my skin may look a bit oily at the end of the day). It does not cover many imperfections but does add a thin layer of coverage so I use it in combination with a concealer if I wanting some extra coverage and have found this is the best way to use the product. It is really lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

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I am so grateful to Bali Body for sending me these products as I use them all the time and will definitely be purchasing from this brand. My favourites have to be the tan remover and BB cream as I reach for these the most and they work really well for me! I am looking forward to trying more Bali Body products in the future as I know they will be just as fabulous as these are x


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