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How To Achieve Professional Salon Nails At Home

Getting our nails done at a salon is a treat most of us enjoy but can be costly and a nuisance if our varnish chips and we do not have the corresponding colour to correct them. Painting our nails at home can be a money saver if the product is long-lasting and durable but there are not many varnishes that pass the test. This is why I have chosen to find a product that will offer me salon finish, long-lasting and cost-effective nails that maintain their appearance. Using the Mylee at home, gel nail collection you can start to produce your salon nails at home. They offer long-lasting and vibrant colours that are easy to apply.

What you will need:

Mylee pro LED lamp

Mylee Nail Prep and Polish

Mylee Nail Wipes

Mylee base coat and topcoat

A selection of colours

Mylee Gel Remover

Mylee Remover Foil Wraps

Here is my tried and tested at home gel manicure routine….

Step 1 – File and shape your nails to suit your preference. Use a buffer to smooth out your nail to form a base ready to apply the gel varnish.

Step 2 – Prep your nails with the Mylee prep liquid and wipes to sanitise your nail.

Step 3 – Apply a thin layer of the base coat onto your nails and place under the lap for 60 seconds.

Step 4 – Choose your favourite colour and apply a thin layer of polish (the thinner the better) and place under the lamp for 60 seconds. Repeat this step 2-3 times based on the colour and pigment of the polish.

Stage 5 – Apply a layer of the top coat and place under the lamp for 60 seconds.

Stage 6 – Use the Mylee prep and polish on a nail wipe and gently remove the sticky residue to leave your nails looking glossy and smooth.

How to remove the gel:

Use the Mylee remover foil wrap with a drop of Mylee remover and wrap around your fingertips, ensuring the cushioned section of the foil is situated on your nail and leave for 15 minutes. Now use a cuticle stick to remove the remainder of the gel and buff out your nail ready for your next round of gel.

My Top tips for maintaining healthy nails:

Leave your cuticles alone:

Cuticles act as a natural defence against bacteria and if they are tampered with, they can start to look sore and swollen and even worse cause an infection. Instead of pushing them back or removing them altogether, you should moisturise them as this makes them look healthier.

Moisturise your whole nail:

If you have weak and frail nails, moisturising them can rejuvenate and repair the cracks and help the splits heal. Hydrating your nails and cuticles with petroleum jelly can also restore moisture back to your nails that may have been lost in and amongst life’s daily activities.

Limit the use of nail polish removers:

Limiting the times you remove your nail varnish can keep your nails healthy as this can dry them out. Opting or an at-home gel manicure set can overcome this problem as this technique lasts for weeks, in contrast to ordinary nail polish that chips and is removed frequently.

File properly:

Filing your nails can be problematic and damaging if it is done incorrectly. Using a harsh file can cause your nail to break and split so it is important to opt for a fine-grade file that you move in a single direction to avoid damaging your nails.

Combining the Mylee Gel manicure set and the tips to achieve healthy nails, allows you to gain the professional salon look easily at home for a fraction of the price. The Mylee gel nails are long-lasting and can be purchased in a variety of colours to suit any occasion. 

Emily Victoria x

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