My Three Step Hair Care Routine To Tackling Dry And Damaged Hair

I have seen Noughty Hair Care all over Instagram and my social media outlets where people were highly praising their products, because of this I needed to try them to see what they were like for myself. I was kindly gifted some hair care products from Noughty and was asked to pick a hair care range that best suited my hair type. I headed over to their website, (which I must say is very aesthetically pleasing and so colourful) whereby you can take a ‘hair quiz’ to determine which products from their line you should choose, based on your hair goals. The results indicated that I had dry and damaged hair that needed rescuing, therefore the ‘To the Rescue’ line suited my hair type perfectly.

A Little Bit About Noughty Hair Care…

Noughty’s products are 97% natural and are paraben and silicone free. Parabens and silicones are ingredients you really do not want to be applying to your hair as they can cause excess build-up of product, which in time weighs down your hair strands which can cause them to break. If you have quite curly hair, they can also make this appear quite dry and dull which is another reason you want to be looking for products without these ingredients. Noughty are also looking to improve the packaging of their products so that they are fully recyclable by 2021, which in time will be really beneficial for the environment.

They are an award-winning company who pride themselves on authenticity and innovation whereby they have a staggering 80 years of experience surrounding hair care. Noughty do not test on animals and all products within their ranges are vegan which is another positive aspect of the brand.

They were kind enough to gift me three products from their ‘To The Rescue’ range and here are my honest opinions about them:

‘To The Rescue’ Moisture Boost Shampoo

I was so impressed when I received this product as you get 250ml for £6.99 which is such a great price. The shampoo smells amazing and the sweet almond and Moroccan Argan really comes through. When applying the product, I did find that it took a little bit of work to lather up but realised that lathering the shampoo in your hands first worked better. After using this product a few times my hair did start to feel healthier, smoother and softer which is due to the hydrating sunflower seed and sweet almond extract that this product contains. These ingredients combined create healthy and stronger hair. The scent lasted a long while after drying my hair which I loved as it is so fresh. 

‘To The Rescue’ Hair Mask

This is another really affordable product from Noughty as you are receiving 300ml for just £8.99 which is so much cheaper than that of other hair masks on the market. This product has the same scent as the shampoo so is infused with moroccan argan and almond scent which smells amazing. I combed this product through my hair after using their shampoo from the same range and left it to soak for 20 minutes. This is the longest time it is advised to leave the mask on for but can be rinsed off sooner if you are wanting a quick hydration boost for your hair. When I rinsed the product off, I was so surprised with how soft, healthy and rejuvenated my hair felt, it made it easier to style as it was not as frizzy. It had also restored lost moisture back into my hair. 

This product is made up of sweet almond (helps to soften hair and leaves it looking glossy) and argan oil (includes fatty acids that combat frizz and increase elasticity within your hair), that combined together help to nourish and treat dry and damaged hair, making it appear glossy and healthy. Another key ingredient within the product is black oat extract which helps to improve the hairs structure which makes it easier to detangle. This is something that I definitely experienced with this mask and my hair is supper thick so I was very impressed.

‘To The Rescue’ Anti-frizz Serum

Over the years I have used a lot of heat on my hair to style it and this in time has caused it to become frizzy and untameable. This product has really helped solve this problem and has made my hair appear sleek and glossy instead of wild. It also helps to improve your hairs elasticity and adds hydration without it appearing greasy. This works as a protection against heat up to 220 degrees so can be applied when your hair is wet or dry. I also like to use this it tame flyaways or pieces of hair that won’t style properly and it works really well for this.

I have found with previous hair serums that the formula is really oily and greasy and therefore can feel unpleasant on my hair but this is the complete opposite. It feels so lightweight and smooth and really has a positive taming effect. This product also contains sweet almond extract and argan oil, as well as mushroom extract that works as a protection barrier against heat. It also includes wheat bran extract that makes your hair less likely to snap and break.

Overall thoughts:

I am impressed with the products as they are all cruelty free, vegan and are made up of 97% natural ingredients which has a positive and healthy effect on our hair. They smell amazing and really do help to tame frizz, replenish damaged hair and make it appear healthy and nourished. In particular I loved the hair serum as it works a lot better than previous serums I have used as it does not have a greasy texture.

I would just like to say a big thank you to Noughty Hair Care for gifting me these products and allowing me to review them x

Emily Victoria x

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