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How To Achieve Long Lasting Foundation

Long-lasting foundation is a makeup must. Foundation can be viewed as the most important part of our look as we are wanting to achieve an airbrushed and flawless complexion, for the rest of our makeup to be built upon. We can spend a large portion of time applying makeup to achieve a pure and perfected look, for this to smudge and crease within the first few hours of wear is something we are all wanting to avoid.

Here are 5 simple tips to achieve long-lasting foundation.


Using a toner enables your pores to shrink. You should apply this using a cotton pad to ensure any bacteria from your fingers does not go onto your skin, which can prevent breakouts. Wipe the product onto your face gently to remove any oil that is lingering on your skin. By shrinking your pores, you are ensuring you are preparing your skin for a smooth and polished look. If the foundation is applied directly onto your skin without following this step, your pores will show and you will not achieve a flawless base.

Toners restore your skins natural PH level which should be 5.5, however, when cleansers and face washes are used, they can disrupt this. Therefore, by using a toner after your face washing routine, you can maintain your skins natural PH balance.

Liz Earle’s Instant Boost Skin Tonic is a toner suitable for all skin types. It is refreshing and smooth on the skin, leaving it hydrated and revitalised. It includes natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, cucumber and chamomile and disperses a floral scent that is long-lasting. It is quick-drying and has an alcohol-free formula that instantly makes your skin feel and look fresh and glowing.

The Nip and Fab Vitamin C Fix Tonic is another toner that adds radiance to your skin and leaves it glowing. By using ingredients such as Vitamin Ca and lactic acid, they enable your skin to feel revitalised and polished by removing dead skin cells that makes our skin appear dull.



Applying a moisturise after a toner to your skin, before your foundation can hydrate and prep the surface of your skin. It creates a smooth base for foundation to be applied which can ultimately make it last longer. If you do not moisturise your skin before applying foundation, it can appear cakey and patchy due to the lack of hydration within your skin.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Cream protects your skin from the foundation which can discourage breakouts. It is specifically created to rejuvenate tired and dull skin and includes an anti-ageing formula that protects your skin against aggressors. It is a non-greasy and weightless cream that leaves your skin feeling radiant and smooths fine lines to improve the texture of your skin.

The Aveeno Ultra-Calming daily moisturiser is another moisturiser that soothes and hydrates your skin and is especially beneficial for those who have dry or sensitive skin. It includes SPF 15 sun protection which can be useful if you are out in the sun and want to keep your face protected, whilst wearing makeup. You can mix your foundation and moisturiser together to achieve a DIY BB cream which would be the ideal technique for the summer days when you want to opt for a lightweight product.


Priming after moisturising and before foundation creates a clear canvas for your makeup to be built upon as it blurs imperfections and fine lines. it helps your foundation stick which ultimately enables it to last longer. You can mix together your foundation and a primer to achieve a dewy, glowing and radiant complexion. The primer should be applied in curricular motions onto your skin with a focus on the T Zone as this is where most people can become oily, resulting in the foundation wearing away. Depending on your skin type of the base you are wanting to create depends on the primer you should choose.

Dry skinLaura Mercier, Pure Canvas Illuminating Primer

This primer allows your skin to become illuminated with its non-glitter pigment that will shine through your foundation. Its blend of Micronized Pearls reflects the natural light to allow dull and dry skin to appear rejuvenated airbrushed and radiant. It works as a protector against harmful aggressors that is kind to your skin, ensuring your makeup is long-lasting.

Oily skinSmash Box, Photo Finish Oil and Shine Control

This primer is mattifying and shine controlling. It ensures your face does not become oily throughout the day with its time-release technology that lasts for up to 12 hours a day. It is infused with natural ingredients such as witch hazel and zinc and has a smooth and non-greasy texture that feels weightless on your skin. Ensure this product is focused at your T zone as this is an area that consists of a range of oil glands which contributes to excess oil for this skin type.

Combination SkinBenefit Porefessional Face Primer 

It is important when choosing a primer for combination skin to ensure it has an oil-free formula that still allows your skin to look glowing and radiant. Benefits Porefessional minimises pores to enable a flawless and radiant complexion. The balm is lightweight and is the perfect base for your makeup but can also be worn alone for a natural and flawless appearance. The use of Vitamin E locks your makeup in place to ensure your look will not fade throughout the day.


Setting your foundation with powder can help it last longer and reduces shine. Apply the powder in areas your foundation tends to move with a kabuki brush to evenly disperse the product. The Stigma F80 Flat Kabuki is an ideal brush for this natural and even look. Setting powder can be purchased in two different forms; loose and compressed. Loose powders are ideal for those who have dry skin and are looking for a thin layer of coverage.

Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder is light coverage, sheer and lightweight. It is translucent so can be used with any skin tone and is formulated with cashmere talc which softens the appearance of imperfections and fine lines, ultimately increasing the durability of your makeup.

Pressed powder is a more buildable product that can be applied throughout the day for makeup touch-ups.

L’Oreal True Match Powder is available in a variety to shades and has a blendable formula that makes it easy to apply over foundation. It leaves your skin feeling oil-free and appear soft, adding extra coverage to fine lines and blemishes. 

Setting Spray

Applying a setting spray after your foundation can help you avoid needing makeup touch-ups throughout the day. It helps prevent your making from smudging and creasing and fixes it in place. Urban decay offers a range of setting sprays that are perfect for any occasion. Use the vegan All Nighter spritz for a worry-free, long-lasting makeup look, with its 16-hour control. It is an oil-free formula that can work with any skin type. It features Temperature Control Technology that allows your makeup to be fixed in place throughout any weather conditions and modifies the temperature of your makeup to ensure it is not altered. It is designed to improve the look of your makeup, ensuring it does not settle into fine lines.

If you are having a makeup meltdown and need a cooldown, Urban Decays Chill vegan setting spray will be the perfect pick for you. It features a cooling temperature control that cools down the surface of your makeup to ensure it does not budge. It focuses on keeping your makeup looking freshly applied and works with all makeup elements such as blusher, eyeshadow and concealer and locks them in place.

They have also created the De Slick setting spray that is perfect for individuals with oily skin as it is a weightless mist that is designed to control oil and keep shiny skin at bay. It is designed to ensure makeup touch-ups are kept to a minimum and keep your makeup looking vibrant.


DIY Setting Spray’s

Combine 2 tbsp of Aloe Vera Gel together with 3 drops of Lavender Oil into a sterilised spray bottle. Add 1 ½ cups of distilled water to the ingredients shake well.

Add 4 tbsp of Rosewater together with 2 tbsp of distilled water into a sterilised spray bottle. Then add 2tbsp of witch hazel and 4 drops of your preferred essential oil and shake well.

Shake 4 tbsp of Aloe Vera Gel, 4 tbsp of steeped green tea and 2 tbsp of witch hazel into a sterilised spray bottle. Then add two drops of your chosen essential oil.

Health and Safety Top Tips for DIY Setting Sprays

It is important to not include tap water into your DIY setting sprays as this can enable bacteria to be dispersed onto your skin. The water used should be purified or bottled to ensure bacteria is not spreading to your face.

Sterilising your spray bottle before use is important to ensure bacteria is once again not sprayed onto your face. One way this can be done is by filling it equally with vinegar and warm water and leaving it to sit for an hour. Repeat between uses.

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