My Charlotte Tilbury Eye Makeup Favourites

I have tried and tested many makeup brands over the years and have fallen in love with certain ones, from high end, to some of the cheapest on the market. One brand in particular that has always stood out to me is Charlotte Tilbury. With their sleek and sophisticated packaging mixed with high quality and luxurious products, every product I have purchased from this brand, I could not fault. The first time I tried the brands makeup was when it was gifted to me a few years ago, when they weren’t as well-known as they are now. I received a gift box that contained mainly eye products as these are makeup products that I love to try and test from varying brands. From then I knew Charlotte Tilbury complimented my makeup style perfectly and could be used in a range of versatile ways. 

Full Fat Lashes 5-star mascara 

Mascara was one of the first products I tried out when I was first getting into makeup and have tried and tested a range since then. This mascara is by far one of my favourites, the formula helps to create a natural thickness and length to your lashes, volumising and enhancing their natural appearance. The wand is quite thick which ensures all your lashes are coated, making them appear full and thick. It has a clump resistant formula which makes sure your eyes do not have that spidery appearance that some mascaras can create. I used to always wear false eyelashes before this mascara as other products either made my lasses look longer or thicker, but I could never achieve both with just one product, until I used this. It is buildable which is beneficial for the transition from day to night as the more product applied, a more dramatic eye look can be achieved. 

Dolce Vita quad eyeshadow palette 

I always find with Charlotte Tilbury quad palettes that they are perfect for all makeup abilities, whether you are a newbie and need a simple palette that requires four easy steps or a makeup fanatic who could incorporate these shades into a variety of different eye looks. The four different shades work so well together to create versatile eye looks for any occasion. With their buttery formula, they are easy to apply and super bendable which is also beneficial for those makeup beginners. 

The four shades work in different ways; the lightest can be used as a primer which can be applied before you use any other shadows. This will help to hold them in place or can be used as a subtle shimmer which could be placed in the corner or your eyes to make them pop. The top right shade is used to enhance your eye colour and shape and I have found that this shades works complimentary with darker eye colours. This shade can be used within the crease of your eye to add dimension and to give the illusion of bigger eyes. The bottom right allows your eye look to be smoked out which can be used in a subtle way for a day time look or can make a dramatic bold statement in the evening. This shade should be blended with the previous shade to added to add more definition to your eyes and should be buffed out to create a seamless look. Finally, the shimmer shade adds a pop of sparkle to your look and can be used over the eyelid to add golden and glittery appearance.

Feline Flick Liquid Eyeliner 

This eyeliner enhances your eyes natural shape, making them look wider and bolder in seconds. It’s long wear and durable formula makes it versatile for any occasion, without the fear of it smudging or wearing away. A problem I have faced with previous eyeliners is that the applicator does not allow for a controlled wing to be created, however this product has a precise and meticulous applicator that creates a smooth and defined wing. One that can be built upon to be thicker and dramatic or be used for a subtle day time look.  The colour pigment blends into the colour of your lashes which can make them appear fuller and volumised. For a more dramatic look I wing the liner out, ensuring the line corresponds with the tail of my eyebrow as this allows for a straight and accurate flick.


I love to use these three products in combination with each other to create makeup looks for any occasion. Although the products are pricier than that of other brands, they are long lasting, durable and help to create seamless looks. 

Emily Victoria x

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