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Perfect Pout, Without The Pain

In the society we live in today we are bombarded by images of people with the ideal lips, achieved through cosmetic enhancements that amount to an immense stack of cash. There are a variety of innovative strategies people are using to achieve the Kylie Jenner look from suction cups to overlining their lips to the gods, but this can only be taken so far. We would all prefer to opt for a pain-free, easier and affordable way to perfect our pout. But how? This seems too good to be true right? The answer could be lip-plumping glosses.

Lip Plumping Gloss

These miracle products are eagerly waiting for us on the shelves of our local beauty stores and can deliver immediate and instant results. Within each bottle lies a non-surgical method to achieving plumber and smoother lips, by attaching itself to the moisture that is already retained within your skin. Lip plumpers can include non-toxic ingredients such as cinnamon and menthol that enable the blood to rush to the surface of your lips to enhance their natural shape; which allows for a safer and less damaging effect.

I am sure you have all heard of the horror stories that can lie behind the world of cosmetic lip enhancements. From excessive bruising, swelling and ulceration, these are just some of the damaging long-lasting effects cosmetic lip fillers can cause. Never the less, there are positive and life-changing stories that derive from this procedure but if you are someone who would prefer to opt for a painless and affordable alternative, lip plumping gloss would be the ideal pick for you. Lip plumbers range in price meaning regardless of your budget, we can all strive for the fuller lips we dream of.

Budget Friendly Lip Plumping Glosses


Barry M – That’s Swell Lip Plumper

This is a budget friendly product that is perfect to slip into your hand bag, ready to be reapplied when you want your lips to have an extra boost. This lip plumper is infused with mint that stimulates the blood flew within your skin to achieve fuller and more voluptuous lips.

The Lip Plumper is vegan and cruelty-free and focuses on offering a shine to your lips through it’s non-stick and nourishing ingredients to optimise your pout. By using daily it will stimulate your skins natural collagen to achieve soft enhanced lips.

Soap & Glory – Sexy Mother Pucker

This Lip Plumping product can be purchased in 12 different shades, not only allowing your lips to feel instantly fuller, but also providing them with a pigment that can be worn for a range of different occasions with any skin tone.

As soon as the product is applied upon your lips, they will will become hydrated and nourished as it is infused with a natural oil that creates a smooth and luscious effect. Its shimmering and tingly formula glistens when the light hits your lips, creating a smooth and sleek appearance.


Elf – Lip Plumping Gloss

The Elf Lip Plumper works by generating a soothing and tingling sensation that allows your lips to look naturally fuller and enhanced. This product can be worn alone or used over the top of your favourite lipstick, to add extra shine and gloss.

Elf have created a lip plumping gloss that can be purchased in seven different shades. The shades are natural and can add a splash of glam to your everyday makeup routine. The gloss offers nourishing hydration that allows your lips to feel soothed and hydrated from Vitamin E and Coconut oil.

DIY Lip Plumping

As well as lip-plumping glosses there are numerous techniques to achieve your desired lips from products we already have within our makeup bags.

  1. Applying a sheer coat of bronzer to the skin below your bottom lip using a thin fan brush, gives the effect of a fuller lip through the use of shadowing.

  2. Using a lip scrub can optimise the amount of light that is reflected from your lip and can give a fuller appearance through the use of an optical illusion by removing dead skin cells that dull their appearance.

  3. Grab your favourite highlighter and apply a slight amount to your cupids bow which is situated within the dip in your top lip, which allows for light to be reflected from this area to achieve an instant plumper pout.

  4. When applying your favourite lip colour, choose two lighter and corresponding tones. Apply a darker shade all over your lips and add the lighter shade to the middle, as an alternative way to add depth.

  5. As well as products from your makeup bag you can opt for alternative lip plumbing methods such as a toothbrush. Use circular motions to stimulate the blood flow within your skin, allowing it to rise to the surface to enhance your lips.

  6. Make your at home lip treatment by using 1 tbsp of olive oil, ground cinnamon and white sugar and mix together. Massage this into your lips to optimise blood flow.

Evidently, there are a range of techniques to improve your pout that are simple,  budget friendly and effective. Whether you would prefer to try out your favourite brands Lip Plumper or try the easy at home methods, there are many alternatives to choose from to naturally enhance your lips.

Emily Victoria x

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