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5 Must Have Tinted Moisturisers to Achieve a Summer Glow

The summer months are many people’s favourite times of the year, with the long summer nights and spending our time outside in the fresh and warm air. Aswell as this, we also love the glowing, dewy and sun kissed look the summer time brings to our skin but this is something that does not need to disappear as we move into those colder and wintery months. Maintaining a radiant complexion can be affordable and easily integrated into your skin care routine, without the damaging exposure to sun light. 

Here are five tinted moisturisers that leave your skin looking and feeling hydrated and golden. 

Garnier – Summer Body Moisturising Lotion

This product has a  weightless effect, leaving your body feeling instantly moisturised and nourished. It provides you with a natural and sun kissed pigment to your skin. It is fragranced with a fresh apricot sent and does not leave a sticky residue. It dries within seconds of application, which proves beneficial if you are seeking for a darker tan, whereby you can layer the product. Within just one application you can see a visible difference, it is non-streaky, gives a glowing and smooth finish and can be purchased in a range of tones to suit your preference.

For the best results, use a tanning mitt for application as you are able to manoeuvre around your body for the perfect and even glow. I would also recommend you apply this product at least three times a week to ensure your tan is maintained. Another way this gradual tan can be used is in collaboration with fake tans such as Bondi Sands, whereby this can be applied over the top to maintain the glow.

Dove – Visible Glow

Dove have produced a gradual tan that leaves your skin looking sun kissed and as though you are fresh off a summer holiday. It can be purchased in a range of shades, ready to enhance your natural skin colour. The gradual tanner is buildable if you feel you would prefer a deeper tone and can apply at least two extra coats at a time. It is created with essential oils that deeply moisturise and nourish your skin and should be applied daily to ensure the glow is maintained. The gradual tan leaves your skin smelling fresh and does not transfer onto clothing which can be a downside of using fake tan.

Palmer’s – Bronze Natural Tan

Palmers have created a gradual tanning product that is infused with Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter which provides a deep and rejuvenating softness to your skin. As well as moisturising, it leaves your skin looking and feeling glowing as well as having a chocolate scent which is perfect to use for a pamper night. It can be buildable if you prefer a deeper glow which preferably should be added to daily (to maintain the glow). You are able to take control of your skin tone with three tones to choose from enabling you to manage your complexion from the comfort of your own home.

St Tropez – Watermelon Infusion

This vegan gradual tanner is infused with watermelon which provides an innovative scent that not many products have. This can be a gradual tan that works well with dry skin as it provides moisture for up to 72 hours, per application. It does not leave an orange appearance and instead allows your skin to look and feel nourished and natural with its golden pigment. It once again is buildable and even after a few layers are applied, is non-streaky nor patchy and is best applied using a tanning mitt.

This product works well in combination with the vegan St Tropez purity bronzing water face mist. This also provides a tropical scent and has a lightweight formula that feels effortless on the skin. Apply this product on a clear and makeup free face, or before makeup is applied. This product has also won awards that include the Beauty Shortlist Awards (2019) and Allure Best of Beauty (2019).

L’Oreal – Sublime Self Tan Body Lotion

This product hydrates your skin for 24 hours through ingredients like Hydralium which is an intensely nourishing agent, which protects your skin from dryness. It leaves your skin looking natural and glowing as well as making it feel soft and velvety. The product is designed to give you that glowing and healthy post holiday look.

The formula contains Soft-Tan, a self tanning ingredient that allows you to build up your glow to your desired tone which is beneficial if you are new to tinted moisturiser. It is a lightweight and non-greasy lotion that drys quickly and does not leave an orange pigment, which can be a negative element to some fake tans. This product is a a dupe for the Kiehl’s Sun-Free Tanning Formula and Dior’s Bronze Self Tanner, Natural Glow as they all provide your skin with a healthy and fresh summers glow.

Regardless of your complexion, skin tone and budget, there is a tinted moisturiser to suit your preference. Whether you are opting for a deeply moisturising tan that offers 72 hours of nourishment or a tinted moisturiser that leaves your skin with a natural and glowing pigment, these five moisturisers will work for you. 

Emily Victoria x

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