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Beloved Beauty Honey Facial Cleanser Review

Beloved beauty is a company that make products that are 100% organic and natural.  They believe it is not only important to live a healthy life style through the foods we consume but also through the products we apply to our face, within our skincare routines. I was gifted Beloved Beauties Edible Honey Facial Cleanser and tried this out for a few weeks before devising an honest review. Cleansers are an important part of my skincare routine as they work to remove dead skin cells, makeup and other impurities on our face. They also works to unclog pores and help our skin look clearer and brighter. I’ve tried numerous cleansers in the past which have all been liquid based but this one is a little different.


My First Impression…


My first impression of the product was that I loved its packaging, it is cardboard so is a lot better for the environment than that of plastic and can be recycled. It is also different to any other product packaging that I’ve seen on the market. I’d advise anyone who purchases this product to be careful when opening it as the product is loose within the packaging and if you are not aware of this, a mess could be made when opening.

My Opinion

The products main scent is honey but it does also have a very natural and oat like scent. I followed the instructions of the product which suggests using a tea-spoonful of the cleanser with ½ teaspoon of water and mix until a paste is formed. I did find that I needed a little bit more water to achieve a paste that was easy to use. I left this on for 15 minutes and removed it using a muslin cloth. When removing the product, I felt it also worked as an exfoliator as it dried hard so when it was being removed, it was also exfoliating my face. My skin did feel a lot brighter and very smooth after using the cleanser.

It is advised that this is a product that should be used every day but for me I personally used it around 3 to 4 times a week. I have noticed a reduction in my spots but I can’t fully state that this product is the main reason as I have been using other products within my skincare routines. However, I definitely think this has had a positive effect on my complexion and the appearance of my skin. This product does retail for £29.99 which I do believe to be quite pricey but then again, this product is lasting me a long time and works as both a cleanser and exfoliator.

The Products Ingredients

This product consists of natural ingredients that include Honey, Oats, Rosemary, Marigold and Chamomile. In combination, these ingredients work to reduce inflammation, cleanse the skin, leave your skin looking radiant and reduces redness and does not cause irritation. I felt the effects of these ingredients after a few applications and my skin feels a lot smoother and my breakouts have reduced. It also works to remove blackheads and is 100% organic.


Is It Edible?

In terms of the product being edible, this is definitely the case. It does taste mainly of honey but is not over powering so if you are curious as to whether you could eat this, the answer is yes but it’s probably isn’t meant for a large consumption.

Overall Thoughts

After using this product for a few weeks my skin definitely feels softer, more hydrated and I am having less breakouts which I am loving. I think it may be a little over priced based on reviewing the product against other cleansers but this one does do multiple skincare steps in one. The scent is not fragranced at all which is perfect for people with sensitive skin and instead it has a natural sweet and oaty scent which is very natural.

I’d just like to thank Beloved Beauty for gifting me this cleanser and for allowing me to review it x

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Emily Victoria x

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