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Save skincare are a brand that pride themselves on creating products that are natural and safe from the harsh effects of the environment. The formulas within the products are simple and gentle for our skin, they do not include harsh chemicals and additives. Behind the products, the company is run by a team of highly experienced individuals who have a deep understanding of ingredients and products that can help our skin look and feel its best, in a natural way. Save is a 100% cruelty-free company whereby no products are tested on animals and are 100% vegan. They also spread a strong and powerful message about women empowerment and have therefore created a skincare line that makes women feel confident and powerful within themselves.

I was kindly gifted a few products from Save skincare that I was so excited to try as I had seen really positive reviews about the company. I think their packaging is beautifully sleek and sophisticated, a design that is unique to the brand. I was kindly gifted three products; the Ultra-light Moisturiser, the Anti-pollution Sleeping Mask and the Gentle Gommage Exfoliator (the travel size range). Here are my thoughts about the products…

The Ultra-light Moisturiser:

As I received the travel-sized versions of the products my first thought was that they would be perfect to take on a trip as they are such a handy size. This product is fragrance-free which is something I have not experienced with a moisturiser before, but will be beneficial for those with very sensitive skin. I do usually opt for a product with a slight scent but it did not bother me that this one didn’t, as I was super impressed with its results. It is one of the most lightweight moisturisers I have tried, it feels effortless and gently works into the skin, leaving it feeling radiant and smooth. A little goes a long way which I made a mistake with the first time I used it as I applied too much product and it took longer for it to soak in. Therefore, I now opt for a pea sized amount and it soaks in a treat, applying it morning and night for the best results.

The product feels gentle and hydrating on the skin and does not have a greasy texture like some moisturisers can have. This moisturiser is 100% paraben-free which is great as this ingredient can cause irritation and skin inflammation. This product works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, also protecting your skin with its use of probiotics. Probiotics are especially beneficial for individuals with acne or eczema as they help to calm the irritation and control blemishes and breakouts. This is a product I would definitely recommend and purchase again, although it is pricier than other moisturisers (£21), it feels luxurious and gentle on the skin.

The Anti-pollution Sleeping Mask:

A sleeping mask is something I hadn’t tried before and therefore was intrigued to use it. I use this mask by applying an even layer onto my skin before I go to bed (2/3 times a week) and wake up with a brighter and more hydrated complexion. I was so impressed the first time I used it as my skin appeared glowy and nourished. This product is made to help protect your skin against early ageing, by reducing the effects the environment can have on our skin. One main ingredient that is used to tackle this problem is Ectoin which works to repair and protect our skin against UV rays and pollution. It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, also calming irritations and gently rejuvenates sensitive skin. I have definitely seen an improvement with my skin as it appears smoother and healthier and it’s helping to tackle some breakouts I have had.

I remove the mask using warm water and apply the Save moisturiser to my skin which work perfectly together to create a smooth and clearer complexion. This also makes it easier to apply makeup, as the products allow for a smooth canvas to be created. This product retails at £18 and although that does seem quite expensive, it definitely does produce quality results that makes your complexion look and appear healthy and nourished.

The Gentle Gommage Exfoliator:

I have tried a range of exfoliating products in the past but this is one of my favourites. I’ve found with previous exfoliators that they can feel quite harsh on the skin but this product is the complete opposite. With its enzymatic exfoliator, it allows it to gently remove dead skin cells in a delicate way. This is something I loved about the product as I could feel that it was taking away impurities from my skin to reveal a smoother complexion. The product is made of natural and vegan ingredients, one of which is Bamboo bioferment which allows your skin to feel smooth and moisturised.

I use this product 1-2 times a week and I can see an improvement to my skin as it looks clearer and smoother. A little goes a long way and my face feels so much cleaner and fresher after using the product. It is priced at £10 which I think is great as it has such amazing results and is something I would definitely repurchase and recommend.

Overall thoughts:

I am really impressed with these products and although they are pricier than previous skincare products I have tried, they produced great results. My face feels so much healthier and smoother and they work perfectly in combination with one another. I love the fact that they include such natural ingredients and have a passionate view about women empowerment. The travel size range are perfect for holidays and trips and the packaging is lovely. I would definitely recommend these products for all skin types as there is a product to suit everyone’s skincare needs.

I would just like to say thank you to Save skincare for kindly gifting me these products and for allowing me to review them x

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Emily Victoria x

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