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How To Keep Our Skin Looking Fresh During Quarantine

The time we are spending indoors has increased due to the current pandemic and our bodies have needed to adjust to a new routine. With the possible decrease of sunlight and vitamin D, our skin will have had a difficult time with the new adjustments. With our new routine, comes different lifestyle habits such as an increase intake of alcohol and unhealthy food consumption, which can have an impact on our skin. As our skin is the largest organ within our bodies, we need to ensure we are nurturing it by incorporating simple steps into our daily lives such as exercise, drinking plenty of water and carrying out our skincare. 

Here are five simple steps we can all follow to ensure our skin is fresh and healthy during quarantine:

Step 1: Moisturise

Moisturising your skin during this time is a must due to increased handwashing. This process can dry out our skin and make it appear cracked and sore, therefore applying moisturiser allows your skin to feel replenished and hydrated. You can either use your favourite moisturiser or opt for an at-home alternative through the use of olive and coconut oil or honey which includes humectants. This is a hydrating agent ready to make your skin feel smooth and fresh. You should moisturise day and night and incorporate this into your daily skincare routine. However, due to the current circumstances, this should be carried out more regularly to keep your skin nourished.

An instant moisturising fix can be lathering your feet or hands in olive oil and letting them soak for 10-15 minutes in a sock or glove, at least three times a week for extra hydration. This will be beneficial for those who are finding their skin is becoming sore and cracked due to the increase of handwashing. It is also beneficial to add a thin layer of moisturiser as well as toner and facial oil, as layer products like these can make your skin appear and feel plump and smooth. 

Step 2:  Move your workout, outdoors

With the current social distancing rules, we are spending less time out in the sunshine and more time indoors. Therefore, we are facing a lack of Vitamin D and sunlight which can have positive effects on our skin. Swapping your indoor workout for an outdoor (ensuring social distancing rules are abided by) will be beneficial for our skin, as a lack of sunlight can decrease our bodies inability to rebuild and repair itself properly. Sunlight also does not only help our skin but makes us feel happier, with its ability to boost serotonin levels and absorbs calcium and phosphorus. When our bodies are able to intake these, it enables our immune system to develop which is important for our overall health, which is especially important at the moment.

Step 3:  Regularly exfoliate

Exfoliation alleviates dead skin cells that are causing our skin to look dull and dry. Either take your favourite exfoliating product or create your own DIY scrub using lemon juice and sugar to remove the bacteria from your skin. By removing dead skin cells, it is enabling moisturiser to soak into our skin, ultimately making it appear hydrated and nourished. Using an exfoliator also unclogs your pores which can immediately make your skin appear brighter and healthier. This should be carried out around twice a week as it can sometimes cause irritation to your face so should not be overused.

I use the No.7 cleaning brush which adds extra exfoliation to your skin. It has soft bristles,  that work to remove a build-up of makeup and other products from your face to create a smooth and clear appearance. This exfoliating brush cleanses skin 3x more than a manual cleanser, leaving skin feeling revitalised and nourished. I use this in combination with the No.7 foam cleanser which feels fresh and cooling, making your skin appear and feel glowing and well cleansed.

Step 4: Carry out a skincare routine morning and night

With the current situation,  it can be easy to fall out of a routine and we can sometimes forget to carry out of skincare. Our complexions now can appear more blotchy, dry and we can be experiencing breakouts in areas we may not have had before. This is all due to a lack of sunlight, exercise and easier access to the fridge for our favourite treats. Sunlight and exercise are both factors that are necessary for circulation and nurturing skin cells. It is important that we are still maintaining a skin care routine that corresponds with our skin type and complexion to restore moisture and a glow within our skin. There is a range of alternative products that range in price so can be adaptable based on your budget. I know since I have had more time to carry out my skincare that I have enjoyed trying new face masks and skincare products that I have been gifted from the past Christmas and my 21st birthday, that I have not used until now. Now is the time to trial and test different products and find a skincare routine that works for you and your skin. 

Step 5: Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water a day has multiple positive effects on our skin. It helps to remove toxins from within our bodies that which ultimately helps our digestive system and those who have acne, as it is flushing away bacteria that creates breakouts. Bacteria that can create acne is sometimes achieved through our pores, therefore, if we are drinking plenty of water our pores can shrink and this can be less likely to happen. 

As our skin is an organ it needs water to be able to properly function, without this vital source it will start to look and feel dry and tight. Another effect drinking water can have is that it can improve your skins healing process. This is especially important as we are approaching the summer months and sunburn may occur, by drinking water, this can be easily healed and repaired. 

These are five simple steps I use daily and have been ensuring I stick to during quarantine, as they have helped to keep my skin looking hydrated, nourished and moisturised. 

Emily Victoria x

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